Sunday, July 05, 2015

Micro Pastel Travel Set

WOW, can't believe that here it is July 5th and my last post was June 15th. I've been busy doing several creative things, but nothing much to show for it. I'm preparing for an upcoming trip and although my main focus on this trip will be oil painting within my workshop, I wanted to take along a little kit of pastels. I'm trying to travel very light and hope to only check one suitcase and have a carryon. It's hard to have any room for clothes when you would prefer to fill the bags with art supplies.

So, here is the micro pastel set I put together today. My friend Michael Chesley Johnson authored an article about an Extreme Limited Pastel Palette in 2008 and since I will be working with Michael on my trip, I put together a set like his, on the left. I also wanted to bring along a few other colors shown at the right. Most of these are NuPastel and a few Faber Castell Polychromos.
Then I used a Clear Bag "box" that holds my 5x7 pastel papers (UArt and Pastelmat), clear bags to hold the finished paintings, a backer board, and rubber bands to hold the papers while painting.

That could be enough supplies to paint with, but I had to include a cute little tin suitcase my friend Wendy bought for me at Savannah. I filled it with a few short pastel pencils/sharpener, a piece of foam for blending, and a small piece of a microfiber towel to clean the pastels and my fingers. I also made a little view finder in the 5x7 ratio.

 Everything fits nicely into a zipper bag, with room for a pack of wet-wipes.

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