Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Plein Air - Glick Park

I've missed posting for a couple weeks for various reasons. This week we painted near the Columbus Zoo at the O'Shaughnessy dam across the Scioto river. There's a nice little park there overlooking the water and dam.

Today I wanted to work on my color mixing and wasn't too concerned about a pretty composition. I also was trying out a new hanging accessory for more mixing space. I made the lower wooden box this week. It was difficult to use for mixing though, because of the angle and depth, so will use this new one for holding stuff like my palette knife and mineral spirits, etc.

I plan a different idea for the left hand tray on the upper box. Because I am left handed, the tray on the left on the top box is in my way when I put my paint brushes in the holes. I think I will build one for the right side, and also remake the left tray to use for extra mixing space.

Process shots of today's painting:

"Under the Dam", 6x10, Multimedia board coated with gesso

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