Sunday, January 18, 2015

Studies on Black Paper

I'm a sucker for a product used in a new way. And I enjoy painting pastels on black surfaces, so when Karen Margulis showed on Facebook pastel studies she had done I had to try it since they were also my favorite size and shape at 6x6 inches. She uses Strathmore Artagain Black Artist Tiles which are not made for pastels, but I loved her results.

The goal here is to try to get down to big shapes with little detail and pay attention to values. This process is a great learning tool! It is difficult to STOP at the basic big shapes. The first one I did included the most detail, and as I went on to the next, I really tried to stop. Great fun. 



Since the paper is very smooth, this process works best with very soft pastel brands such as Terry Ludwigs, Great American, Mount Visions, and Diane Townsends.

These are a bit hard to photograph as the lights stand out a bit strong here.

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