Thursday, January 01, 2015

Sketchbook Pochade Upgrade

I had some great suggestions from one of my online friends on how to hold my sketchbook pochade open, instead of using bulldog clips (see: I had time today to upgrade the pochade by using offset clips:

I bent them a tiny bit, so that the upright working surface would be greater than 90 degrees from the palette area.
Then I needed something to hold it from flopping shut in the wind. I took another offset clip and mounted it with a wingnut and knurled nut. This is a view with the top closed. The height is perfect and the lid barely touches it.

 Below is a view of the clip in position:
 A slight twist turns the clip so that the lid can be closed:
Thanks for the ideas, Julie!!


julie said...

So glad it worked for you!

julie said...

So glad this worked fir you!