Friday, October 24, 2014

Studio Work - Creek Side

Finished a new pastel painting this evening. I was interested in doing another under painting where I melted the first layer of pastel with odorless mineral spirits into the sanded paper. I always hope to leave much of this layer showing in the end, but I tend to cover most of it. Below are process shots:

My sanded paper on the left, two prints of the same photo with differing contrast, and my little value thumbnail.

 A quick sketch using vine charcoal to place the shapes.
 A light layer of hard pastel for the under painting.
 Melted into the paper with mineral spirits.
 Beginning of dry pastel layers.

 Below is the end of the first evening's work
 Before the finishing touches.
 Final painting:
"Creek Side",  8x10, pastel on UArt 500 grit sanded paper

2 comments: said...

Beautiful Nancy. I live to see the progression and thought processes.
Tell me, what are your favorite pastels? Julie

Nancy L. Vance said...

Hi Julie! Thanks. I have many brands of pastels, but some of my favorites are Unison, Great American, Terry Ludwig, and Mt Vision. I like Girault, but are very expensive.

I use NuPastels and Rembrants for the first layers, especially when I will be doing an under painting. Although I do use NuPastels throughout the whole process.