Saturday, October 04, 2014

Saturday Studio Work - View to the Sunny Side

The weather has turned to a chilly fall. Our group moved into the arts center studio today instead of plein air. But since I'd been getting up early on Saturdays since April to paint outdoors, I decided to stay in bed! Later today, I got to work in my home studio.

I've been experimenting with different materials for under paintings in my pastel paintings. I read a recent article where the artist used silver gouache as an under painting to add sparkle to their painting. I stopped at one of the craft stores today to see if they had some, but their gouache selection was small. So I looked in their clearance section and found Liquitex Acrylic Ink for just over $2 a bottle. I purchased the black and the silver, thinking these would be just the thing instead of the gouache!
(I applied this with some makeup sponges.) I have been using UArt brand sanded pastel paper lately and because it has a tan color, I have doing under paintings in white and black thinned gesso. I find I need to get some areas of my design back to white to make the pastels look cleaner and the black to get the darks nice and dark. Sometimes, the gesso fills the tooth of the paper a bit quicker than I like so I thought this ink would be less likely to do that and would dry much quicker.

Once I tried these two inks on the following painting, I really liked them and decided to run back over to the craft store to get all the other colors in clearance!
Process shots below-  here is my photo and a vine charcoal sketch to get started:
The first pass of the inks - the black and the silver (hard to see the silver in this shot, but I put it in the areas where the light will be the lightest in the back sunlight areas.
As this dried, I ran out to the craft store for more! (But the ink dries within just a couple minutes). Below is some of the other inks added.
Even though my photo had a fairly solid color scheme I got out my analogous color wheel to remind myself to stick with the scheme!


"View to the Sunny Side", 8x10, pastel on UArt 500 grit

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Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Absolutely beautiful. I would say your experimenting was a tremendous success.