Saturday, March 22, 2014

Paintin' with my Peeps at the MAC

I got up early enough today to join my buddies painting at the MAC.

I had a sheet of Pastelmat in the soft warm gray already mounted to go and just took some charcoal pencils and Conte crayons. (The photos don't show the correct color of the paper.) We had a complicated pile of grapes to paint today. It was tough trying to find my way through all the individual grapes. I got lost a few times! I decided to have the left middle of the painting be the focal point and left much of the middle and right side very loose.

I took a couple shots to decide on a composition and did one shot in black and white.

I got started:

This photo shows the correct colors
I'm pretty happy with the end result and will leave it as is:
"Many Grapes and One Orange", 11x14, charcoal and conte crayon on PastelMat

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