Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cabin Fever Remedy

It's been COLD and SNOWY in Ohio for several weeks, much like the rest of the country. I've been hurrying home from work each night and hunkering down in front of the TV. Generally in the winter, I don't like to get up early on Saturday to meet the group at the arts center for the morning painting session, but this week, I'd had enough of being home and decided to go. We had several inches of snow in the morning and the forecast was for either more snow or rain. Luckily, by the time we finished, it was just rain.

We either work from our own photos or someone sets up a still life. I decided to bring simple tools today and work on my drawing skills. I brought some tan paper and a tiny box of Conte crayons. This was fun and was nice to be with my artist friends again.

 Here is mine:
 And some of the group and their pieces:

I had the funniest dream this morning. I dreamed it was the first day in spring of the plein air season! I was very unorganized and couldn't find all my gear. I couldn't find any painting panels and my oil painting brushes were stiff with paint from last year! One of the gals said, "Come on! We have to hurry, the light is changing!" I messed around for over an hour and a half. Finally, someone had setup my easel and told me to work on the painting that was there. I did not recognize it at all, but was told to finish it! By the time I was finished I had transformed it from a landscape to an interior view of an old parlor! - ha!

Yes, I have some complex dreams often. I think after that dream, I decided I needed to work simply today!

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