Monday, November 18, 2013

Busy busy, but not in the Studio

I'm in one of my bi-annual artistic slumps. I've come to expect these times when I just can't seem to get motivated to paint. I usually get one about this time of year after the busy plein air season and another in late winter. 

I worked really hard this year, getting sites setup for my local plein air group. I think I only missed two paint-outs of the 30 sites I scheduled. One was because I was at a workshop and one other because I personally don't like the views at this particular site and it's a 45 minute drive, even though it is popular with our group.

I even did a survey and sent it to the group after the plein air season ended to get feedback for planning the 2014 locations. I found it was really easy using Google Docs to setup a really nice survey form, and it automatically tracks the results and puts it into pie charts and bar charts. I goofed that part up though, because I put some bogus responses in the results to test it, but all in all, it was really simple and gave good results. Not surprisingly, I only had about a quarter of our group respond. We have a really big email list, but only about 1/4 of those really paint with us, and those were the ones that filled out my survey.

Then, I was really busy getting the details for an artist's retreat for the group in 2014 worked out and getting people on board. I'm excited to have a larger group participating in the retreat for 2014. We'll have 20 people attending for a three-day retreat on Lake Erie. (This year, it was a very small group but the timing and day of the week for that one was probably the cause.)

I've come to realize I enjoy the planning part. I don't want to be in charge, but give me a project to plan and I'm in! Surprising to me, but I think I am getting more organized the older I get.

I've also been in one of my cleaning modes. Since I moved into my condo 3 1/2 years ago, I have continued to rearrange my studio and supplies. I have lots of storage space, but just not all in one place convenient to the studio. Hopefully this newest arrangement works. I am also known to be one to rid out stuff regularly - including clothes, knick-knacks, art supplies, etc. I hate having stuff stored away and not being able to find it when I want it, so I prefer to have less in storage. So I've been clearing away stuff to consignment stores, swap meets, charities, and ebay.

I also get those 'eye rolls' from my friends when I move all the furniture around in my place. They know that is just something I need to do regularly. My mother never ever moved furniture. I do it several times a year. I really love to get stuff moved out to clean well and then into a new arrangement. Makes it feel fresh and clean, and like a new place!

I have one last thing to take care of this week (replacing the dishwasher), and then maybe I'll feel like getting into the studio - maybe........

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