Monday, June 17, 2013

Sometimes You Just Want to Play

Sometimes you just want to play in the studio, but really don't have a subject that excites you, nor much time to spend on it. When I got back into painting about 8 years ago, I started out with watercolors.  I have lots of fair watercolors in my closet. I decided to use one to see if adding pastel would improve it.

Here is the original watercolor:
I spread on a layer of my homemade pumice gel mixture and let it dry:
 I started applying some pastels, and really didn't like the wine bottle on the left:
So in the end I covered the bottle up and darkened the background. Although the painting is a bit better, it's not one that will be framed, and I had some fun playing with it!


Diane said...

I think I would crop out all but the produce and the top of the pot. That is really nice!

Nancy L. Vance said...

Diane, Done! I had to edit the photo from a different computer, so did't have the original image available. This crop is a very low resolution result, but it does look pretty good cropped that way!