Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Plein Air - Everal Homestead

Today we painted at the Everal Homestead in Westerville. I used my iPod touch to take photos today, to see how well they turned out. This way they are already in the "cloud", instead of having to download them from my camera. I edited a few with iPhoto on my iPad and am posting this with the Blogsy App, and I am curious how this will look when I open the PC.
Photo taken with ipod touch
Taken with the Canon Elph
(I edited this post on the PC, and uploaded the Canon Elph photos to see the difference.)

I liked the light hitting the little brick shed and the bushes nearby. Although there are some areas that could use more refining, I am pretty happy with this painting. The iPod photos seem a bit fuzzy though.

I worked in oils on a Masonite panel that had an oil primed surface, but I've found that too slick, so I put clear gesso on it last night. That gave it more tooth, but it is rough on the bristles. I'll use regular gesso next time.

photo from iPod touch
photo from Canon Elph
Do you see any difference? I noticed one BIG difference. the iPod photo is an earlier shot before I finished the painting! hahaha...DUH.  That aside, the Canon shot is much clearer and the colors truer. Not sure it really makes too much difference in the long run, since anyone viewing my blog will have a different monitor and not really know what the paintings look like in person.

Here's some other shots of the park:

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