Saturday, May 04, 2013

How to Mess Up a Perfectly Good Painting

The group painted at Blendon Woods metro park today. I liked the view to my left that had a slope with a white crabapple tree. I worked in oils today and am pretty rusty! I thought the white tree looked weird, so once I got home, I scraped it off and repainted the whole painting. I don't think I improved it at all. I still have trouble putting down enough paint and in clean colors. I need to practice!
As done on site

Studio finish
After I was done with that painting, I still had paint on the palette and did a quick painting knife painting. I always feel my palette knife paintings are much more interesting!
We had a large group today with over 20 painters. A few didn't make it to the critique. Kevin Buckland and Aida Garrity did our critique today.

Here's some photos and a video that Bill Westerman recorded today. In the video, they are discussing my painting!

 Pardon the sound, we had a lot of wind blowing

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