Saturday, September 29, 2012

Class Saturday - Cat Tails at Water's Edge

I decided to take another round of classes from my oil painting teacher, Jim Glover. As I drove into the parking lot, there was a 6 point buck deer grazing beside the drive watching me. I wanted to get a photo, and I'd brought my camera, but the memory card was still in the laptop at home. Oh well.... But class went great. It is a small class of four students, so there are lots of individual attention.

I've been trying out numerous paint color combinations from some of the artists I follow online. Today, I used Lori Putnam's very limited palette of Blue Ridge brand paints in ultramarine blue, cad yellow med, and pyrol red. I use Gamblin brand paints, so I substituted Gamblin Perylene red. I liked this combination of colors and was very happy with how my painting turned out!

"Cat Tails at Water's Edge", 8x10 oil on board

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