Saturday, August 04, 2012

Saturday Plein Air - Blue Limestone Park

We painted in Delaware Ohio today at the Blue Limestone Park. I found it hard to find much contrast in any scene, so I just picked this outcropping of rock across the water.

 I started out using harder NuPastels and then opened my new box of Terry Ludwig, handmade pastels. Terry recently had a 'mystery box' sale, and my box arrived just in time for Saturday's session. I hadn't purchased any of Terry's pastels before and was excited to try them. They are luscious and the colors that were selected for the box are great!

I finished up with my regular mix of pastel brands. I was trying to decide how much more to do, but it started to sprinkle rain, and rain with pastels doesn't work! By the time I had packed everything up, the rain quit.

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