Saturday, March 24, 2012

Plein Air Saturday - Josephinum

Today was our first plein air outing of the year. It was a cool overcast morning. After highs in the 80s last week, today at 60 degrees with a breeze seemed cold. We met on the grounds of the Pontifical College Josephinum near Worthington Ohio. Because I normally shy away from architectural subjects, I pointed my easel towards an old shed, just across the driveway instead of attempting to paint the grand brick buildings of the college. 

I was using my tiny, Judson's 5x7 pocket box pochade. Most of my peers thought it was cute, but SMALL. I was happy with it as I like to work smaller and fast. I don't need a large mixing area for the way I work. Here is the final painting, and some views in process.

Shed in the Pines, 5x7, oil
First pass

Zoomed in to my subject

Almost done!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

How fun to get out and paint with friends ...

I like how your painting turned out. For me I think I would have chose the shed also ... I get to bogged down with detail in lg buildings.

Tell me about your view catcher I see clamped to your pochade box. Are you leaning down to look thru it or holding it in your hands ... I am not good at any that I've ever tried holding in my hands.

Congrats on getting out today. We are promised some sun but so far only overcast.

Nancy said...

I made the view catcher. I made three for the common sizes (proportionally) of canvas I usually use. I just took a piece of cardboard and cut out the appropriate square, then took a piece of clear plastic and taped it to the back of the cardboard. Then took a Sharpie and put lines dividing the plastic into the 9 squares so that I could find the 'sweet spot' easier.

Generally, I would try to place the view catcher at the side of the pochade at the height where I can view it at the same time I am painting, but with this tiny pochade, I wasn't able to get it high enough. So it didn't work out today but did use it to compose my view initially.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Neat idea. I'll try attaching one to my pochade and give it a try..

Dianne said...

Great idea, I have a purchased view finder, but it doesn't have the lines like you put in yours, that's been the major problem with it. I didn't even realize that was the problem until read what you did with yours!
I love your paintings, it looks like you are using the Guerilla Painter box, maybe the Thumbox (6X8)? You now have a new "Follower."I found you through Michael Johnson's blog, enjoying the trip to Zion.