Thursday, February 09, 2012

Gouache Studies

No lame excuses... just haven't been in the studio much lately. But most Wednesday evenings, I've been painting with a friend who wanted some help in getting back into painting again. I'm trying to come up with some simple things to paint, while giving him a mini-lecture about value, composition, etc... We paint the same thing so that he can see how I approach things.

My paintings are shown below. Neither of us were too happy with the results, but I consider these "10 foot" paintings - they look much better from 10 feet back! LOL

First, we painted from a photo of a Zippo lighter which was on the Daily Paintworks Challenge site, as a challenge from Michael Naples some time ago. 

ZIPPO! - 3.5 x 5", Gouache on Canson Illustration Board
And we still had some time, so I grabbed a red pear from the kitchen. If you squint, you can almost see the sheen on the pear. I think my Crow's feet have a direct correlation to my painting activities (squinting)!

Red Pear - 5 x 3.5", Gouache on Canson Illustration Board

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Linda Hill said...

Love both of these paintings. The lighter is great and I do see the sheen on the pear, without squinting!