Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Cut - Bailing Hay

"First Cut - Bailing Hay" - 11x14, oil
This is another photo I took in the late 1980s, which I came across recently. My then-husband and his brother were bailing hay on the family farm. I was driving the tractor! They took a break and I took this shot of the hay wagon full of hay with the bright red hay-hooks sticking out and the field behind. I thought this was a really interesting shot.

I decided to try to paint this and used a larger panel than I usually use. I think it turned out really nice. I did have to use Photoshop to adjust the color a bit here. Seems like I have always had trouble (no matter the camera), getting that yellow green to read right on the computer monitor (no matter which monitor).

Below are some process shots and you can see a scanned/printed copy of the photo on the left:

almost done - now to fine-tune the details..

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