Sunday, November 27, 2011

Studio Work, November 27

Being my last day of vacation, I thought I'd better make an effort to do some painting. I had a photo I'd taken in October which I wanted to try to paint, so I got out the oils and the palette knife. I enjoy using a palette knife instead of a brush, but it seems like I forget to get it out. I liked how this turned out.
Fall Yellow, 8x10, oil
I had lots of paint left on the palette, so decided to try to use it up. I attempted to do some abstracts from imagination.
Abstract 11/27, 5x7, oil
I still had lots of red on the palette, which wasn't used in the original painting, so did another abstract. I will admit, I did have to add a bit more paint. This one reminded me of Joan Mitchell's abstracts. I have a print of a Mitchell abstract, but it is not marked with the name. It is a bit more structured than some of Joan's abstracts.
The DPW Challenge this week is to paint like another artist who you admire. So this is in honor of Joan Mitchell's artwork. Click here to see the Challenge page.

After Joan Mitchell, 6x6, oil


Linda Hill said...

Looks like you are enjoying abstract. Either that or you are enjoying yet another avenue to incorporate. All look great! I admire you and your openess!!!!!

Nancy said...

Thanks Linda! I have always admired abstract art. And I have always bounced around in my art. Just depends on what strikes my fancy when I finally drag myself into the studio!