Saturday, November 05, 2011

Frank Webb Workshop

Although I rarely paint in watercolors anymore, I jumped at the chance to take a workshop with Frank Webb today. I always admired his work and was happy to hear he was conducting a workshop in town hosted by the Central Ohio Watercolor Society (COWS). I was a signature member, but decided to go into other media several years ago. The workshop was held in quaint German Village, a suburb of Columbus, at the German Village Meeting Haus. The venue was really good for this and COWS fed us well. The only downfall was the parking issues, but at least it was a beautiful clear day, so walking the 4-5 blocks from my car was pleasant.

Here are a few shots of Frank working (some of the photos taken with my zoom lens looking at the overhead demonstration mirror).

Frank Webb's palette and tools
I attempted a painting using his 'wet on wet' technique. I had a bit of trouble remembering how to use transparent watercolors, since it has been a few years.

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