Saturday, August 20, 2011

yART–Art at the MAC

I painted from a photograph while at the art fair. It was a nice day and lots of nice people came through. No sales on my part, but I did sell one of my older pochade boxes to a fellow painter. It got hot and sticky mid-afternoon, and I packed up and headed home.

While at the fair, I got some suggestions from my oil painting teacher and worked on it a little bit after coming home. My underpainting was a golden color and bright red. You can see a bit of it in the first photo below.

The photo I used was underexposed on purpose so that I wouldn't try to copy it exactly. 


"Woodlot"  8x10  oil on hardboard


Linda Hill said...

Nice! Sorry I missed the event. Was helping set up our new church building. Tell me about your pochade boxes. Might be interested.

Nartizt said...

Hi Linda,
I was just selling one of my older used boxes. Don't have more for sale. If you meant you want to know more about the ones I use now, I will be glad to give you information where you can buy them.