Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday Plein Air–Glacier Ridge Metro Park

We painted at Glacier Ridge Metro park today. I turned out to be a lovely day. After weeks of 95 degrees and high humidty, today was humid, but in the low 80's and overcast with a nice breeze. I decided to try putting a little video of my progress on the blog today instead of individual photos.

I have a new laptop, and learning about Windows 7 and Windows Live options. Some of it is pretty nice! I like the photo editing package real well, and have most of the options there figured out. And I do like using it to create a blog post.

"Glacier Ridge View"  8x10, oil on panel
I have rigged up a new way of photographing my finished paintings too. I read online about homemade photography tents for lighting objects. I made mine with foamcore board, packing tape and tracing paper. I use clamp-on work lights for lighting. I have finally figured out all the options on my Canon SD1200IS Digital Elph camera and now set white balance and adjust before taking the photos.

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Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Hey, that is really neat that you're able to video for your blog now. You are way too creative *giggle. Like your idea about the photo tent. I've seen them on e-bay. Really nice painting. Glad you were able to have some nicer weather with a breeze.