Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deja Vu - all over again.... Process shots

"Beyond", 10 x 14, pastel on suede mat board

Does this subject look familiar? I was asked to prepare a "process presentation" to be shown at the MAC. This will show how I work en plein air, and use that alla prima painting as a sketch for a larger studio painting. Since my favorite medium is pastels, I decided to use them for the final painting.

Below is my oil painting that I posted a few posts back from the recent workshop. Beside it is a little 'work-up' sketch done in pastels so that I could decide on which pastels to use. I think it's a cute little painting too, although very casual and loose.

My oil painting from the workshop on May 14th on the left, and a pastel work-up on the right.

A large piece of grey suede mat board was masked off in the final size. I prefer to work on a larger piece so that I won't have to mount this on another board later when I mat and frame it. You can see my initial sketch on the grey board.
Here you see the final larger pastel along side the two earlier works.
Here are process shots - 1) sketch 2) first color pass and 3) final painting

Starting on July 5 my presentation will hang at the MAC for 3 weeks in the Geissbuhler Gallery.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

This turned out equally great.
So, buy this third time was it easier, like when I painted my apple 4 times in a row? Do you like the finished pastel better than the oil? I love them all.

Nartizt said...

I admit, I rarely like to re-paint a scene. Pastels are my preferred medium but because they are more fragile (and can't use them in the rain), I didn't take them on the workshop where the original oil was painted. I really liked how the composition of the oil turned out that time, and thought I would use it to make the larger pastel. I think the big pastel is my favorite! All three will be displayed together in July, so we'll see what response they get.