Sunday, September 05, 2010

Painting Saturday

I didn't paint with the group on Saturday, for several reasons, but I did paint! I painted my kitchen - so not quite as interesting as plein air....

There is a definite change in the season here. We have finally broke out of the 'heat wave of the summer of 2010'. Last night the temperatures got down in the high forties. Love it!! I kept the bedroom window open. Just love snuggling under a quilt with the cool air coming in the room. I got up fairly early and decided to get a taste of nature today. I stopped off for breakfast (love to eat breakfast out!) and then made my way to Galena to the boardwalk over the mudflats. There was a smell of fall in the air with that scent of drying leaves. I walked out on the boardwalk to the end where it's over the shallow water. The air was still crisp but bright and clear The leaves are just starting to hint at a change in color. I spent some time alone looking over the scene while drinking my coffee. It made me a bit sad actually. I always love the change in seasons especially fall, and being single its difficult not to be able to share the experience with someone close.

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