Saturday, September 25, 2010

Painting - Fall fence post

Today the group met near Delaware Ohio at Stratford Ecological Center and Farm. The Center was having a Harvest Festival and asked the group to paint on the grounds. Several of us also donated a painting for their fund raising auction.

It was a cool morning, in the 50's and me being so used to HOT, didn't bother to take along a jacket. There was a bit of a breeze and mostly cloudy, so it was a bit nippy. I setup beside my car to use it as a shield from the wind. About an hour later, the clouds started to move away and it became very comfortable.

This is a palette knife oil painting of a fence row with grape vines. There was lots of interesting fall colors, but I'm afraid I got too interested in the details. I love the big rock, but it looks kinda out of place.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I am so jealous of your beautiful oil paintings. This one is so dreamy.

I really want to work in oils. Not sure why as of yet that I haven't done more oil paintings. I know I need some lessons... I'm 20 miles from town, so no classes for me. I remember that I painted one or two and attempted to take a photo of them as soon as I finished and the glare was amazing.

Nartizt said...

Thanks Nancy!
Oil painting is just the complete opposite mind-set as watercolors. It is hard to get started when you've done watercolors for awhile.
Look on your PBS station for the Passport and Palette series with Kevin Macpherson
Its a nice way of seeing how these masters get started.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Thank you Nancy... funny thing, I spent about 4-5 hours yesterday reading Macpherson's 2 books I own. Today I've been using my gray markers to simplify some sketches. When I get frustrated with my work I always go to his books. They make you think in shapes and simplicity. Unfortunately I can't find the program, The Passport and Palette on my over the air channels. (thats all we can receive here). I did see the program once about a year ago, but haven't seen is since. Thanks, I'll need to contact the Seattle tv station who carried it and see if we can't get it back. Thanks for the info.