Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I felt the earth move under my feet.....

I felt the Ontario Canada earthquake today at work. I was working on my computer and thought I was getting dizzy, and then I recognized what it was from feeling an Ohio tremor in the mid-1980's. Most of the people in my office were all excited feeling the tremor, but some didn't feel it at all. Cool, but a bit scary. Of course, it wasn't strong enough to do any damage in Ohio.

Sorry I haven't done anything artistic lately to post. Still feeling out of my element with the move. I am continuing working on getting the place setup to suit me, but haven't even unpacked the studio yet. Haven't had the energy to paint with the group on Saturdays......  I haven't even got my bike out for a ride lately. Its been way too hot - in the 90's. So in honor of my lonely bike, here is one of my older, favorite watercolor paintings: 

Blue Bike

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