Sunday, June 06, 2010

Down to the Wire

Getting down to the wire for the big move! I think I have packed and organized as much as I can for now. Closing(s) are this coming Friday and I should have the keys to the condo by noon. I'll move what I can on Friday, and the movers will be here on Saturday morning. As of Friday, I'll be away from email for about 5 days til the cable guy comes out to get me setup.

I've had a tough few weeks. I rarely get sick, but somehow contracted the flu and was out of commission for 4 days. I'm still working on getting my stamina built back up. On top of that sometime while I was ill, someone must have been casing my house, seeing the 'sale pending' sign, and decided the house must be empty (I keep my car in the garage), and they stole all my outside decor - the wreath on the front door, the clay pot with my flowers, the watering can, all my solar lights and garden sculptures! WOW what gall some people have. Of course, I haven't heard a peep from the police yet - they won't take your report over the phone now, you have to file a police report online now....Sigh..... Of course, it all is valued at less than $200 but it made me a bit frightened and angry. Then a storm with winds came through last week and broke a big limb off the tree out front. Of course, I had sold most of my garden tools at the garage sale, so didn't have tools to clean it up. Luckily one of the neighbors in the cul-de-sac saw me struggling and came to help out. And to top all that off, having to take my cat to be put down was the topper.

Stressful things always seem to all come in a cluster, don't they? Hopefully things are starting to swing the other way now.

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