Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pastel - Cinnamon Apple Tea

Cinnamon Apple Tea, 8 x 8, soft pastel on gessoed matboard

Better luck this afternoon. I am trying to come up with a few paintings with a required 'apple' theme for an upcoming exhibit. This is a favorite teacup and thought about putting an apple nearby. I was playing around with composition, then it dawned on me to pop it inside the cup! Brilliant! It still needed something else..... Cinnamon sticks!!

I painted this on a piece of gessoed matboard. I didn't sand it, so it had a rough texture on it, which I liked using in the past. I prefer this over the commercial sanded pastel papers.

I'm very happy with this, but might try painting this in oils to see which I like better.

P.S. - here's a secret..... I didn't have an apple in the frig today, so used a peach. I hope I was able to fake it ok!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful pastel!!