Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weekend Update - #2

Today were the receptions for the other two exhibits. The show at Anthem Blue Shield was juried for awards by a former professor at Columbus College of Art and Design. Although I didn't win an award, the juror was nice enough to write down a paragraph about each of our pieces.

For my pastel "Cow" he said: "This is a handsome piece, but I think it would be even better if the piece wasn't quite so cropped."

For my pastel "California Sushi Roll" he said: "I like this piece of work quite a bit. I do think I would have preferred that you would have not cropped the image so much. Also the mat could be a little too strong."

I had matted the Sushi in an orange mat, as I really liked it that way. I know this man prefers white mats on artwork, but I didn't know he would be judging until after I had already framed the piece.

I am most happy with my images cropped tightly. Everyone has their own opinion on that subject!

But I was pleased with his comments even so, since I had heard that when he was an active teacher, he was very hard to please!!

The second reception at High Road Gallery was not judged. By the time I got there, it was clearing out some, but one of my friends said that the place was really packed earlier. Its a very nice exhibit with a wide range of mediums and skills.

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laura said...

Hmm. At first I thought, How nice of the juror to write a paragraph. But then as you say, it's so very subjective ... what's the use? Except that, in this case, it does sound like the juror let rather minor preferences color his judgment. Naturally a juror will have certain predispositions, but a good juror should be able to counterbalance them?