Saturday, May 30, 2009

Plein Air Saturday - Park of Roses

Today, the plein air group met at Whetstone Park of Roses. It was a lovely day - sunny and about 70 degrees. Unfortunately, we were working in direct sunlight. Hard on the eyes, the working surface and even though I wore my big straw hat, I got way too hot. I much prefer to work in the shade.

We had a lovely young model. She was a high school student who was heading to a dance camp for the summer. We all pitched in some cash to help her with expenses. She said she might like to pose for us again sometime.

The umbrella cast some interesting color onto the dress and her skin. The white dress was challenging with lots of different colors than white.

I decided to work on Colorfix brand sanded pastel paper today. I hadn't liked it in the past, but thought I'd give it another try. I still felt it was difficult for me and it caused alot of dust. I doubt I will use it again.

In general, I feel my composition is good, but I am not too pleased with this. Another learning experience! I like the closeup photo much more than the full view scene.
I took some other photos of her in a different pose which I'll use for future paintings.

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