Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plein Air Saturday - Creekside Gahanna

Technical difficulties.... I took probably 35 really nice photos this morning, and then this afternoon when I was attempting to download them, they became corrupted. Darn it!! So, can't show you anything else but the puny little sketch/painting I did in about 15 minutes.

Because it was 31 degrees at 8am today, I took my time meeting the group in Gahanna. I arrived about 9:45 and it was still pretty nippy, even though the sun was shining brightly. They were all pretty frozen, so they only planned on painting another 45 minutes or so, so I just walked around taking photos and finally sat down with a Sharpie and a waterpen with some watercolors and did this in one of my travel sketchpads. Sorry I can't show you a picture of the scene!

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