Sunday, April 18, 2021

Still Painting in 2021!

Sorry to have abandoned my blog. Social media seems so quick, that I've gotten lazy! Although I feel I need to keep the blog a bit more active, just in case I have an issue with other media outlets. 

I recently had to renew my webpage designer platform and hosting fees. Each renewal time, I feel the need to explore other, less expensive options but I never find any, except for this free blog. I don't get much traffic from the webpage, which is probably my own fault. I'm not into the marketing of my art, so it's rare to have sales. But all my art is for sale and you're welcome to inquire about a sale.

I do paint a lot and post on my Instagram page which is forwarded automatically to my Facebook Artist page. I try to update my webpage images with the very best pieces. So please check out any of these sites - listed on the right under my profile photo. 

In other news, I've been retired for almost 3 years now. I love it! I had been teaching classes at the nearby community center, but Covid put an end to that - but am on the schedule again for September 2021. If you are in the Columbus area and are interested in learning the basics of oil painting, keep an eye on my webpage or contact me.

During Covid, I've been taking a number of online painting classes. Watercolor from Shari Blaukopf in Montreal, landscapes with Mark Boedges in the US, and most recently with Paul Foxton in the UK learning to paint roses and daffodils! It's been a good way to learn new skills which I hope I'll retain for my own work going forward!

Below is one of my recent studio paintings, from my own photograph and life (while they were fresh!). This was not part of Paul's class, but before that class started. I'm very proud of this one!

It's almost warm enough for plein air. A few of my buddies and I have gone out a few times, but it's just not warm enough for me yet! Here's the most recent plein air painting, although I had to rework most of it in the studio. I've found that my studio work is much more refined and realistic, while my plein air work is much looser, with the very short timeframe (2 hrs). I've come to realize that is not a bad thing.

I hope to post more here on the blog for my followers, if they're still around and didn't give up on me! Hope to hear from you soon, either here or on social media!

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