Sunday, July 02, 2017

So Behind in Posting!

I am so behind in posting on this blog. What with working full time, and having the instant posting off my cellphone to Instagram, I just haven't kept up with adding multiple adventures to this blog!

So this will be a big photo dump! Will try to keep up with the blog from now on, as it's an important tool for myself, let alone all you fans out there! These are quick cellphone photos. Seems like I am missing a few, but here we go!

Painting with COPA at Jeffrey Mansion in the spring! Pastel
Painting at Park of Roses around Memorial day with friends:

Painting with COPA at Franklin Park, June 17:
Experimenting with Neocolor II water soluble crayons as underpaintings for pastel:

Using the Neocolor II crayons under pastels - in the field in Granville Ohio June 24 - lots of fun!

And painting with COPA on July 1st at Griggs reservoir, Scioto river, oils on panel. Took too much time chatting and not enough time painting, so ran out of time to finish in the field. Finished this in the studio.


CarolB said...

Lovely paintings Nancy! How do you like the Neocolor II watersoluable pastels? Did you use water or alcohol with them?

Nancy L. Vance said...

Thanks Carol, I like them. They are like very vibrant watercolors. I found some of the colors were less vibrant. I would recommend just picking a few favorite vibrant colors to try. I had bought the 15 pc set originally and found at least 4 of the colors, I doubt I'll use. My local Blicks store sells the sticks separately, so I bought a few more colors. I experimented with both water and alcohol, but the alcohol just seemed to dissolve them too much and the color almost disappeared or was splotchy. I tried these with water on both UArt paper and Pastel Premier. I found that the paper needed to be taped down more and if too much water was used, it took awhile to dry. The Pastel Premier seemed to warp more than the UArt.

They are easy to use for plein air.

CarolB said...

Nancy...thanks for your reply. I can always count on you for a fair report on supplies and equipment!

Donna Nesbitt said...

I'm glad you posted those. I never got to see the finished product on a few of those.