Monday, September 19, 2016

Paint Camp!

I organize an annual retreat "paint camp" for my local group. We have the same people who keep coming back and this was the 3rd year. I was hoping to create more work than I did, but even so, I had a great time.

My first pastel  - this was the morning view looking to the east.
 I started with a 8x10 piece of UArt sanded paper.
 I was in a hurry to get those shadows in, and did an alcohol wash over Nupastels:

I was in having difficulty in concentrating because to my right, there were roofers who arrived about the time I got to the step above, adding their colorful language, cigarette smoke, and country music.

I packed up and took my gear down to the beach and finished up this painting. I ended up cutting this down to a better composition as a 5x7 and I love it!!

While I was at the beach, I decided to paint this view:

The last piece was created sitting on the porch at the lodge looking across the yard to this nearby cottage:
I had to work really quickly to get this one done before dinner, and so I moved some of the chairs around and blurred the background.
Check out my travel blog to see more about the camp:  

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