Sunday, February 21, 2016

You Know You're An Artist When....

You know you're an artist when you go to the grocery store only to pickup some interesting produce to use for painting subjects! I spent some time yesterday going to thrift stores for still life subjects. I am always drawn to the pottery, but can never find things with texture so I went to the grocery!

I spied the radish bunches and even though it's not a vegetable I eat, I bought them. I soon remembered that it is impossible to mix fuschia with basic oil paint pigments. You need to buy the color in the tube. Knowing it is not a color I normally paint, I tried to come close with what I had. Didn't get very close with the color at all!

So I decided to get out my pastels which includes several sticks of fuschia! I projected the photograph of one of the radishes onto my flat screen tv. I prefer to work from life, but knew the foliage would soon wilt, so took pics and put the radishes in the frig. Process shots below:

 Alcohol wash over first layer of hard pastels.

Final painting

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