Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Plein Air - Troyer's Bakery

We are asked each year to paint at the farm of Troyer's bakery outside of Danville Ohio each year on the day of their open house. I was disappointed as I drove the hour and a half ride, as it was pouring rain the whole way. I figured if it was too wet to paint, that I'd at least buy some maple syrup or baked goods before heading home.

But I was happy to see the rain stop as soon as I arrived and a handful of painters hunkered under their umbrellas. I walked around looking for a subject. I found the bright blue tractor at the barn. I don't usually paint equipment, but am trying to expand my painting subjects.

 I got started and found my proportions were off and wiped off the panel. That left a nice abstract pattern on my board.

A few more process shots:

I really fought with that yellow front loader. I wanted to just create a muted background of shapes. I got to the stage below and decided it wasn't working, so mushed it all together and made it just look like it was barn siding.
I ended up with the below painting, which I am pretty happy with. There is a lot of glare from the wet paint on the barn siding, but hopefully once it dries a bit, it will recede a bit more.
"Blue Ford", 8x10 oil on gesso board

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