Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Products - Pastel Premier and Townsend Thinline

I wanted to give some new pastel products a test today - Pastel Premier 320 grit - Italian Clay color paper and (new to me) Diane Townsend Thinline, "Lights collection" pastels.
I've enjoyed using Townsend Terrages pastels in the past, and wanted to try a thinner version with the Thinline collection. Below are samples of the colors in the collection. I was surprised that it included a black and a dark brown, since it was called a "light collection".
 I began the painting with a quick loose sketch with a grey Nupastel.
The Pastel Premier paper had an aggressive grit of 320, which I felt I needed to get several layers down before I was comfortable with the tooth. I used a vairety of NuPastels, Caran d'ache, and Blicks. Later, the Townsends worked nicely.

I would expect some of the finer grits of the paper to be a bit easier to use, but I wanted to try the clay color which is only available in the 320 grit.

I simplified the distance view to give more sky to the composition:
I'm happy with how this turned out.
"Path View", 6x9, Pastel Premium 320 grit Italian clay paper

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