Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Plein Air - Westerville Alum Creek City Park

On the way to painting today, I got to see the wild turkeys I had been seeing each morning on the way to work. Today was special though! I saw the mom and a bunch of babies (poults)!! I really am happy when I see wild turkeys - they've made quite a rebound in Ohio. I see them quite often these days.

But, it was a rough day painting today. I did not mind the drizzle, but had difficulty mixing the right colors. Not sure if it was the pigments I selected, the subject matter, or the dark skies. I attempted two paintings, but both needed wiped out and repainted once I was home. That still did not help much but here is the only half-way decent piece - the other I wiped out again and gave up.
 Such a difficult color to mix in oils! Below is the way it looked on site.
 Here it is at home after I wiped it out. Should have left it like this -
 And here is how it turned out. I just couldn't get the brightness I wanted to make the flowers pop.

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