Sunday, February 09, 2014

Studio Work - Home Movies for Reference?

A week or so ago, I found my DVD of some of our family home movies which my father took in the late 1940's and early 1950's. These were originally reel to reel tape, then transferred to VHS, then onto a DVD. I decided to transfer and convert the interesting movies onto my computer to a WMV files. They resolution was really bad (in the original format) and I am sure the multiple conversions really degraded them further.

What I found interesting in the images were some of the compositions and colors. I decided to grab some screen shots and use them for my paintings! The image I chose today, is way before I was born, and I really have no idea where this house is, and I cannot tell who these people are! But the image really spoke to me, so I decided to paint this with pastels in a smaller format. Process shots below:

"The House", 4.5 x 6", pastel on PastelMat


Linda Hill said...

Fantastic. Love the under color and process.

Jani Lori said...

This is great!

Nancy L. Vance said...

Thanks guys! It was fun, and I plan on using more of these for reference!