Saturday, October 05, 2013

Saturday Plein Air - High Banks Metro Park

Another dreary drippy Saturday. Last week, I stopped by High Banks to take some photos and the leaves were vibrant and the goldenrod was bright gold. This week things changed quickly. Today was overcast with a threat of rain. The goldenrod had faded and the leaves were dull.

I love fall. I love the smell of drying leaves, the rustle of leaves, the crunch underfoot. The temperatures were perfect today and I really didn't mind the dampness.

We setup under the picnic shelter where it was even darker. I brought pastels today, so I needed to be under cover to protect those. I may have overcompensated and painted too brightly. My selected view was beyond the middle tree. I ignored it while I painted.

Pastel on Wallis Museum paper, 9 x 12
We gathered for our group critique. Midway as Alan was talking about our paintings, my mind wandered and I looked off to the right into the meadow. Did you see the movie UP! where the dog was so easily distracted by SQUIRREL!!...hahaha.... Well, I did the same thing with yelling TURKEYS!!!. I get excited when I see wild turkeys! We have many in Central Ohio, but they always catch my eye. So, because of my outburst, we had to 
stop and watch the turkeys for a few minutes... They were too far away to get a good photo though.

Here's a Video and you can hear me interrupt the critique -TURKEYS!

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