Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oil Painting - Onions

Glad to be back at our Saturday group painting at the art center. We missed last week because of the snow storms.

Here's my work from this morning and pics showing the subject and some of the people in the group. I'm fairly happy with this painting. I was having difficulty with the left front onion - painting it several times. One of the guys helped me get it to this stage.

Oh! I am using a different panel today. On one of the many artist blogs which I read, Marc Hanson said he liked using Museum board with two coats of clear shellac. This is what I used today and I really like the feel of it, Most recently, I have been using mat board coated with several coats of gesso. I like the shellac much better. I used spray shellac and didn't have to sand it. I sure hate the smell though! And with the weather being so cold, its not really the right conditions to be preparing these in the garage. Hopefully before I use up the other three prepared panels, the temperature will warm up a bit more so I can make some more.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great. Very oniony. Did my name show up on your viewer log? CS