Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Art on Hold

I had hoped to get into the studio over the holiday weekend, but I've made a big decision early last week to put my house on the market. That meant my 5 days off involved getting the house ready. The realtor came yesterday and we got the paperwork taken care of, and she had her photographer come and take some really nice shots for the MLS listing and brochures. The listing is to be 'live' tomorrow and we have Open Houses set for the next three Sundays.

I've decided a nice ranch style condo will make me much happier than taking care of a two story house with a fairly large subdivision lawn to mow. I'd been hoping to sell before now, but with the economy tanking I waited and had planned to put it on the market in March. But now with the 1st Time Homebuyer incentives being extended til April 30th, my realtor felt that if we waited we would miss out on a large part of the market for this price range.

So, long story short..... I need to keep the house spotless which means no artwork. I am afraid if I get out the paints, it might scare off some people thinking I will stain the pristine cream colored carpet! So, I will leave you with this shot that the photographer took of the studio. Looks pretty cool - I'd hate to mess that up right now!

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