Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oil Painting - Fall in Ohio, final edit

"Fall In Ohio" -  8 x 10  - oil
Here is my final version of this painting. I have changed the direction of the light several times. I have decided to say this is done, as I have lost my drive to work on it further.

Foliage is a hard thing to paint. I feel I couldn't get the vibrancy I wanted to show in the main red tree. But with each painting, I am learning and that is enough for me. Time to move on to another subject!

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Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I've enjoyed the progress you've shared with us on this one.

I understand about the lost drive. I've also felt that after working on a painting a few days.

I do like it. The fall colors are so rich and you'll more than likely enjoy it more later after not looking at it so much. Let it be fresh to your eyes.