Friday, October 31, 2008

Ideas, but you gotta get the studio ready first..

I have an idea how to approach Karin's photo of the week, but first things first. I have recently moved my studio from a large family room downstairs to a tiny room upstairs. The problem with the BIG room was that it felt like a cave. Even though I had lots of artificial light, I only had one east facing window. It just didn't give me the right 'feeling', so I moved my work area upstairs to my smallest bedroom. Its tiny at about 9' x 10', but it has a big window and just feels better. I still use the family room for my matting and framing area, but use the upstairs for the creative work.

Earlier in the week, I made my bi-yearly trek to IKEA and got the rest of the furniture I wanted to finish off the room. I love the adjustable trestle legs under the drawing table top. I also got a great deal in the "AS IS" section of IKEA. I got the aluminum wall shelves for only $1 each! DEAL. These are normally used with an additional piece of glass to make a deeper shelf, but without the glass for only a DOLLAR I thought these were just the thing to display artwork.

I took some shots of the new studio without the flash so you could feel the 'warmth' of the room. Now, if I could bear to mess up the space with art supplies.......

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Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Wow, it feels warm and a great place to be creative. I love the $1. finds. Great way to display some of your art. I'm envious, I'm still in the process of eleminating chaoas in my studio... but I'm getting there.