Monday, October 29, 2007

Signature Status

I'm IN!!!! Yeah!!!

I submitted three matted paintings to the Central Ohio Watercolor Society (c.O.W.S.) jury process on Saturday. This is a tough group to get in to. Applications for membership are only offered once a year. I left the paintings with the jury about 1pm, and was to return at 4 to pickup my paintings. There were approximately 10 applicants this year. I did get a chance to peek at my competition. I thought I had a good chance.

My former teacher (Charlie) who was on the jury, later confided in me that I was in and that I had one of the top scores! He wasn't supposed to tell, but have to wait for the official letter in the mail.... Of the 10 people trying to get in, 3 made it.

Now I can add the c.O.W.S. to my signature on my paintings!!! How fitting on my painting of the cattle!

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Trista Hill said...

YES!!!!!!! Congratulations -- that is awesome! I am so amazed how much you have conquered this medium.