Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where the Heck is this?

Have you ever looked at old photos and wondered where they were taken, even if it was YOU that took them? The first photo is a Christmas cactus that I remember having for several years. Not sure if the photo was taken at my mother's house or not, but what I noticed was the nice composition of the shot. The second is a shot at Epcot Center...... I think. That must have been about 1984 or so... The third is ...... I have no idea..... I really don't have a clue. But I like the composition well enough on all of these to maybe use them in my paintings...

I have thrown out many many photos. I have decided to just save the important shots of people and things that have true meaning. Why was it when photos were on film, that everyone kept every shot, even if it was a shot of your foot as you were changing rolls of film? Digital pics make things so much easier.

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